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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Frustrations and Insecurities

Today for work we were doing a project where we needed to cut out little squares, laminate them, and then cut them again to make little cards.  While I was happy to help, there was one thing I neglected to mention to my bosses.  I have very limited fine motor skills in my left hand.  I could do the tasks they wanted me to, but I would have to concentrate a lot more, and even then I would be very slow.  Normally I don't mention this because it doesn't matter.  I avoid crafts like the plague, and in other life areas it makes little to no difference.  Well, it makes my handwritting horrible, but that's why I type everything.  Part of the reason this sticks out to me is that my mom said she talked to someone recently who feared their child would never have a normal life because of a stroke in infancy.  My mom assured the woman that though there were challenges, I have been able to live a somewhat normal life. 

Today I also noticed I've done very little to accomplish my goal of being more vulnerable.  I promised I would open up more and I need to do better at that.  For the most part I don't even notice my disability, but today I am definitely feeling insecure.  By next week this project will be done and I can go back to focusing on what I'm good at, but for now struggling is forcing me to be more humble than normal.