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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Groundbreaking Week!

Hi all! Yes, the title was right, it was the groundbreaking of the Gila Valley Temple. That was yesterday and it was great. It took a while getting there though. I'll get to that story eventually.

Monday thru Wednesday were challenging. I was behind schedule constantly, and various other mishaps followed everywhere. Then on Thursday I got to go to the "newcomer dinner" held by the Mathesons and it was beyond belief. I got to meet some new friends and get better aquainted with some people I've already met. I also got a ride from Ian, a golf cart driver who has been too sick to work, but he was there and back to normal (at least he seemed like it.) That made my day.
Sister Phelps is on the left and sister Matheson on the right.

Friday was good mostly because of the anticipation. I knew that Sara (my amazing cousin) was going to be dropped off in Phoenix and then she and I would proceed to Thatcher. The best place on earth, as far as I'm concerned. It was just the two of us the whole ride there. We traded off whose iPod was playing and listned to a great veriety of music from the beautiful to the bizzare (we both tend to favor the latter.) Sara and I got there around nine after a harrowing ride through Superior and a few moments for Sara to figure out an automatic (she only drives stick.) But we made it safely and were very happy when we got there.

We showed up at Clel and Serri Flake's at 9 and got to se them and the 4 grandkids. A merry family adventure was had by all. As was ice cream. Sara and I went to bed around 10. We stopped talking sometime much later. The alarm went off when we told it to. They have an annoying habbit of doing that. Then Clel, Sherri, Sara, and I went to see the groundbreaking broadcast to the Safford Stake Center. Nothing was said that I have never heard before, but everything struck me on a deeper level. I realized again how greatful I am that I live so close to the temple and that my friends in Thatcher will soon have the same blessings. I found it ironic that I did not go to the temple for the first time since I moved to Phoenix because I went to the groundbreaking. I was very glad I did.

The rest of the morning I spent with Ethan and Jessica. They are a very open and adorable couple. A lot of spirit between the two of them. They make quite the pair. Go them. I also got to visit Sara Knudson, one of the true music dorks on this earth. She and the rest of A capella sang very well at the dedication. I stopped by Bishop Stapely's, but he wasn't home. Oh well.

Then we (Sara and I) had lunch with the Flakes and wished them farewell. I was homesick for them again before I even left. We got back in time to have dinner (pork roast sandwiches) and go to Trevor's play. Santa Rita's advanced drama department put on the "Taming of the Shrew." He was the Pedant. He nailed the part perfectly. Everyone did a very nice job. I know they all worked hard, and you could understand what they said most of the time. More importantly they did. Not only that, but they understood it too. That doesn't always happen in high school productions of Shakespeare.

I will soon be going back to Phoenix and preparing to start another week. Things are stating to pick up, assignments are coming due and tests are happening. I think I'm still on top. My dad installed Microsoft word on my computer, so I don't have to type papers on here to get them in the computer. To that end I am taking my communications essay off here because it was not all that interesting to the average reader.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

week 2

Wow! I made it past day 2 into week two. Go me! This is going to be more of a journal than a blog because I never remember to take pictures until it's too late and if I do remember I don't have my camera on me. Today for instance today I went to an organ recital. The organ is framed in redwood and it sounded so beautiful. I love organ music because you can just close your eyes and looose yourself in it. I really enjoyed the performer, Dr. Martin Jean. It was obvious by the way he slid on to the bench that he was having fun. All the notes sounded like they were playing with each other as the sounds interwove. The problem was that watching them made my head hurt. I couldn't see his fingers but the way his feet were moving was mind boggling. But it was a wonderful experience. I really enjoy music that does not have words because it gives me a chance to meditate on a different and more meaningful level. As I was sitting there listening I was thinking about all I have been learning about acoustics lately, and I wondered "how is it that vibrating air molecules can enter our ear canals and end up changing who we are and how we view life?" Bruce R. McKonkie said that music is part of the language of the Gods. All I can figure is that there is a lot about those waves of vibrating air that acousticians don't know.

On Saturday I went to the temple very early to go do baptisms and meet my parents there. They went to the 7:30 am session. I did not have a sleep in day this week, but I did fun stuff, so that's okay. Then we came back to my place. As usual my room was less than clean. While my mom was surveying it I said "Saturday afternoon is my cleaning day. That's my excuse." She looked right back at me and said "Jana, I lived with you for 18 years. There is no excuse." My dad looked at her wide eyed and said "Kathy, that was blunt." and she responded "Well it's true." There's no disputing that, but I have been very good about cleaning up after myself lately, in my opinion at least. They agreed. After my parents left I went to lunch. I intened to come home and clean even though I was whining to myself that I needed a nap. When I came in my roommate Phoebe was cleaning and organizing the kitchen. It was great. I got my nap after all, thanks to a wonderfully service oriented roommate. Then in the evening m roommate Alexa and I went to McDonalds and came home to watch a movie and just had a grand ol' time. Before I went to bed I put up some of the pictures that Mom and Dad brought to brighten up my room and make it look like less of a cell. I think I have a nice start so far, and I have some other pictures that I am in the process of de-rolling.

Friday was good (yes I know I'm going backwards, but the recent stuff is easier to remember and probably more important anyway.) I got an 80% on my first math quiz. I was so happy I squeeled for joy. Come to think of it, for my own sake I shouldn't squeal. A music therapist is limited in what she can do for deaf people, so I need to stop making those around me deaf.

Thursday I was supposed to visit my cousin Stephanie, but I got lost on my way to AJ. I got lost on the 60 and on the 202. That takes some talent, I must say. Finally After driving around for an hour I found Mesa drive and from there I made it to the temple and then I got home okay. It never ceases to amaze me how easily I get lost.

Let's see, I already wrote all I'm going to say about my breakup with Reagan, so midweek is covered. No big events there. Wait! There was the cooking class on Wednesday. Sister Matheson, my bishop's wife, taught us how to make "quick and easy chicken meals" at the church. It was enjoyable. She is a good cook, and in sharing with us some "tricks of the trade" I feel like I could attempt some of the things she does.

I was very glad I got to the cooking class because on Monday night there was an FHE at the same building and I almost didn't make it. My mom had to get on mapquest and give me step by step directions over the phone. For those of you who know my mom, you know that getting on the internet and finding something was truly an act of love.

Okay. If you are reading this in the first week of febuary 2009 you are up to date on my life to this point. I wsh I could say the same.