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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Reagan and I broke up. I still like him a lot, but it is not the right time. Neither one of us is ready for a serious relationship. The long distance relationship was beyond stressful on both of us. I think we still like each other, we just need more time to learn who we are and what we want from life. Maybe we will get back together in the future, but in the meantime I'm not holding my breath. I'm going to enjoy being here with all these new people and experiences.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Cullinary Adventures

Yesterday I attempted to cook. As my roommates can testify I have tried before with varying results. I did succeed in making chocolate pancakes. (See for the recipe) One of the first things the recipe calls for is melted butter. that's all well and good, because you just put the butter in a glass bowl and put it in the microwave on a low power setting for 30-45 seconds. One problem. I don't have a microwave. I have never had that problem before. It's almost like saying "I don't have air" or "I don't have my teeth" It's just not something I've ever thought about before. so I put it in a glass bowl on the stove. It worked, and in my book that's all that counts. They were messy and oddly shaped, but they tasted good. I was especially proud of myself for doing it without measuring cups. I just got a small cup and eyeballed it. I couldn't believe it actually worked. The produced some dishes too, but I did them before I went to church. Hold the snide remarks about me and dishes please, I've heard them already.

The fun part was when I made dinner. I started at 4 to have it done by 6. I made Mexican Quiche. It only takes 35-45 minutes to bake, but I figured since it was me making it I needed to leave room for mishaps. The first mishap was the cheese. I bought the least expensive block of Colby jack cheese I could find. The problem, as I discovered was that the cheapest block is equivalent to one cup and the recipe calls for two. The only answer I could figure was to grate my Colby jack cheese sticks. It was too bad because I really like those cheese sticks a lot. That took some time. The rest went well, until I needed to put in the Green Chile. It suddenly occurred to me that a can opener is very useful when one wants to open a can. Unfortunately the only numbers I had of ward members were the ones on my church program. Fortunately I went on a date with the elders quorum president last Monday. I called and he remembered who I was. Even better, he had a can opener. I invited him over for dinner after, but he had already eaten. The good news is that the quiche turned out very well. Danica, my dinner guest, agreed as well. And I pulled it out of the oven at 5:55. Is that good or is that good? I agree , it's good.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 2

So I got up this morining and I knew where I was! I felt very accomplished. I got up to shower and get ready for church since my meetings are still at 9. I got all my stuff and took it in the apartment bathroom, stripped (that's what you are supposed to do when you shower) and got in. When I got in I knocked a cockroach off the shower curtain, then looked down to see another one in the drain. I squealed, then with all the courage my 6'1 body posesses I stepped out of the shower. I missed Mom, Dad, Trev, Kalene, and Jessica more than I can say in that moment. I dresses, then woke my roommate up and asked how she felt about bugs and she said "if there's a roach don't even tell me!" I said "okay I won't." and stepped out of her room. That was all the answer I needed. I ate breakfast and decided not to shower before church since I don't like showering with company. Then I remembered I was going into the Lord's house and decided that being clean was important. I would walk to the shower, look at the bugs, give a breathless squeal, then run away. I'm pretty sure they were deaf, just not dead. Finally my roommate got up the pity to call the "community assistant" to take care of it for us. No, I did not take pictures of the roaches.

I got to church almost on time. On the way there I met a girl from my dorm who is in my ward. We walked to the institute together. Sacrament meeting was good. It assured me that I was in the right place. The one thing that caught me a little off gaurd was that they had couples who got engaged over winter break stand up and announce it. I wondered how that would work if the person's fiance lived in another town. I also loved the pipe organ in the chapel. It was beautiful physically, aurally, and spiritually. Then I got to go to "newcommer sunday school" so they could have me fill out an info sheet and get my picture, as well as make sure I was in the right ward boundries. Then I went to my home class a.k.a. Gospel Principles. I never get sick of those. We talked about missionary work and how anyone who is truly converted cannot help but share the gospel. Relief Society was taught by someone who returned from the Italy Canagna mission around two years ago. We discussed Zion. All in all I must say I love this church. At least when I go to intitute I know how things work and it feels the same as at EA, even though I am still homesick for all of you in Thatcher.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

ASU & Me

Okay, I'm going to be good about writing from now on. And if you believe that I've got a bridge to sell you. I promise to try. I moved into my ASU dorm earlier today. It was filthy and stinky. There were dishes and trash that predated Christmas break, I'm sure. My roommate seems nice, but she does not live my same standards. That's no reason why we can't be friends, but it lead to some akwardness because I don't like swearing, and she has never needed to watch it before, but she is nice and perky and cute. She was here three minutes, then left. I have not seen her in the 8 hours since. It was a relief when I was here alone. With the help of a vaccum, mop, inspired music, beautiful knick knacks, and scented oils this dirty littledorm room may yet become a home. The clock was a birthday present. It is amazing how much I love clocks. Not the digital ones, the timepieces. This one is a real work of art. It has a quote from the poem "Footprints" on it. "...during the times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you." I love it. The biggest problem I have here is that I miss people. I miss my awesome roommies. I guess I'll just have to get used to my new ones here, but you guys (girls) will always be my sisters. I miss the Flakes, of course, but oh well, they aren't here, and I guess there are good leaders everywhere. I miss my UH-mazing boyfriend Reagan. At least we still have phones. Even though I am homesick tonight I am excited to learn all that ASU has to teach me. I miss EA, but this new season of my life will be sweet and fun and all around enjoyable. Here are some pictrures of my new place.

My books, one of the few comosities I can't live without. I would die without these ones, we haven't been apart for more than a week at a time.

More books. Can a person ever have enough? No, you must be insane to even ask!

Gotta love the brown stuff in the sink. I'm not gonna deal with it now.

The beautiful quilt my mom made me for Christmas, along with the novel I finished this afternoon and my ipod.