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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Turning Over a New Leaf

So, I promised myself and my lovely Katie (you can find her here) that I would start blogging again.

I have a problem with blogging.  I love writing about my wonderful, happy, perfect, life and sharing the joy I have with friends and family alike.  The problem is that my life rarely looks that perfect, so I stop posting.  Not any more!  This blog is going to be for real.  Not gonna lie, I have some picture perfect moments.  And I have moments, hours, days, weeks, etc that are not so picture perfect.  And I very rarely take pictures anyway for the simple fact that I forget.

In my quest to be more authentic, I am also starting to publish my story.  You can find it on or on -whichever floats your goat.  It's an Avatar the Last Airbender fanfic about my favorite character-Iroh.  This goes from the birth of his son to leaving the Fire Nation with Zuko.  It's a daunting story to tell, and though I look forward to writing it, I am scared I won't do it justice, though having an experienced beta like ljlee helps.

In regular life I'm balancing being a newly(ish)wed to my sensitive, loving hubby(love!), going to grad school full time(love/hate), and going to work.  So here goes my next adventure!

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